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Build Connections for Success!

Most building projects are negotiated between two professional contractors; not between a Contactor and an end-user. A Service Provider will hire a SubContractor who specializes in fulfilling the various parts of his contract.

Service Providers spend time and money searching for SubContractors who are vital to their business. Without the SubContactors who specialize in various aspects of the building trades, Service Providers are unable to fulfill their commitments and their business suffers. WantaSub provides the Service Provider with SubContractors who are interested in bidding the various aspects of their job.

SubContractors, on the other hand, make contact with many Service Providers in order to bid numerous jobs. However, not every Service Provider requires his specialty and not all bids result in sales. Therefore, a SubContractor needs a constant source of fresh job leads in order to be successful. WantaSub provides new job opportunities on a daily basis.

WantaSub provides a forum enabling people to come together within the construction community. We are a value driven B2B Marketplace bringing eCommerce solutions to the construction trades.

Service Providers can post jobs on our database for free, and they can specify which trades they require for a specific job.

SubContractors, can access our nationwide database 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once they have the information, they can contact the Service Provider and submit bids.

That's all there is to it!

We collect no commissions and there are no additional fees or audits. Our purpose is to provide a forum for professional people to make connections. The rest is up to you.

BuildMart Store, Inc. helps you build connections for success!

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