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Checkpoints no-compromise design and superior quality, designed for portability, efficiency and professional durability.


Click to enlargeUltra-Mag G3 PROFESSIONAL TORPEDO LEVELThe patented Ultra-Mag G3 Torpedo level is unsurpassed in quality and popularity from Checkpoint for the professional trades. The Ultra-Mag Level is second to none with a design package that will meet all contractors needs. This level has a built-in auto 45-degree angle at one point for quick referencing and perfect alignment. This level has a 4-vial system including 90, 45, 30 and oversized zero degree for easy viewing from oversized view ports which can be referenced all sides simultaneously for more sensitive flat surface calibration. We have incorporated 4 oversized rare earth neodymium magnets on the underside for extraordinary holding power. Our V-Grove system is machined on the topside so it will easily straddle up to a 10 diameter pipe. The Ultra-Mag G3 Torpedo Level is CNC machined from 8 Billet 6061 Aluminum Alloy, color buff polished and aircraft anodized with permanent laser engraving from Checkpoints no-compromise design and finish standards for the true pros in their respected trades. Colors available are Brilliant Red, Royal Blue, Black and Platinum.

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Click to enlargeUltra-Mag Square Torpedo level Ultra Mag G3 Gradient Level (#0304) Our best selling level! The Ultra-Mag G3 Gradient Level is designed to take all the guesswork out of setting grades and slopes at the jobsite the perfect tool for plumbers and grading contractors. Four-vial system is oversized for easy readings and includes gradient settings in increments of 1/8-, -, 3/8- and - in./ft. at 28 arc/min. A built-in 45-degree angle at one end helps make quick referencing and perfect alignment every time. Exclusive V-Groove System and rare-earth magnets let you set the G3 Gradient on almost any pipe up to 10 inches in diameter.

Professional Features:

  • Reads slope grades in increments of 1/8-, -, 3/8- and - in./ft. at 28 arc/min.
  • 4-vial system reads 90, 45, 30 and 0 plus grade slope
  • Four oversized rare earth neodymium magnets
  • Exclusive V-Groove System allows Ultra Mag G3 Gradient to straddle any pipe up to 10″
  • 8-″ Billet 6061 T6 aluminum alloy body Professional Colors:

  • Blue (#0304B)
  • Black (#0304BK)
  • Platinum (#0304PL)
  • Red (#0304R)

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  • Click to enlargeULTRA-MINI G3 Torpedo LevelThe new #303 Mini-Mag incorporates all special elements for (or when) bending conduits and hard pipe. Three neodymium rare eath magnets, Checkpoint standards, add incredible magnetic strength to hold any metal pipe application on the run. A special notch allows for attachment to pipe ends (when bending) and full special "top see ports" for the vials as needed. The Mini-Mag includes 30,0 and 90 vial ports viewable from top when bending conduit with bender tool, Not just any little No-Dog: more of a "Bull Dog" packed into a Mini No-Dog housing! The Mini-Mag has the 30/0 offset calculation engraved right into the side for the "never forget type" Like its big brother the Ultra-Mag, it's polished and machined with super deep V-groove and all other pro features. So compact (only 4 inches long), this little guy packs a host of pro use features and functions for pro tradesman everyday use. Complete with thumb screw to tie onto the cut end of pipe for the bullet-proof No-Dog use. A special relief is machined into the Mini-Mag's end to allow for the "burr" created when cutting to size, allowing perfect alignment when setting up quickly.

    Click to enlargeMega-Mag G3 Torpedo EV300 Torpedo Level (#0315) The all-new EV300 Torpedo Level is a patented design thatfs unsurpassed in both quality and affordability. Designed to be the glittle brotherh of our famous Ultra Mag Level, the EV300 has a built-in 45 angle at one end for quick reference and perfect alignment, plus three 45 arc/min. reading acrylic vials at 0, 45 and 90 angles.

    Professional Features:

  • Exclusive V-Groove System allows EV300 to straddle any pipe up to 10 inches
  • Top view port for easy reading from three sides
  • 3-vial system reads 90, 45, and 0
  • 7 Billet 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy Body Professional Colors:

  • Blue (#0315B)
  • Black (#0315BK)
  • Red (#0315R)

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