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Constructed of heavy gauge welded wire and 14 gauge steel frames, storage lockers are ideal for apartment complexes, community garages and many other bulk storage applications.

There are two different types of storage lockers - UNASSEMBLED SINGLE/DOUBLE TIER STORAGE LOCKERS and FULLY ASSEMBLED MULTI-TIER STORAGE LOCKERS. Unassembled single/double tier storage lockers measure 90? high and are available in 36? or 48? widths and three (3) feet, four (4) feet or five (5) feet depths. Fully assembled, stand alone multi-tier storage lockers are available in two (2) sizes, regular and large.

We can also save money on large installations if you send a diagram of your storage plan. By sharing walls and using "Add-On" sections these locker units can be assembled as modular storage sections.

Call 805-557-1225 for Freight quote on these lockers.

Note: Storage Lockers as priced include three walls only. Order tops, backs, and shelves as add on options separately.

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Click to enlargeTOP-FOR STORAGE LOCKEROptional top sections for storage lockers.

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