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Retro-Spin Flashings

All Style Industries Retro-Spin® Flashings are fabricated in the United States from first quality electro-galvanized steel sheet metal. Life expectancy of a Retro-Spin® Flashing should exceed 20 years. A Retro-Spin® Flashing is a roof jack, or pipe flashing, which waterproofs roof penetrations that do not allow for “slip over the top” installations.

A Retro-Spin® Flashing assembly is constructed (one each) of a tightly fitted interior, and exterior, impact extruded roof jacks. The patented Retro-Spin® design enables the interior flashing to rotate freely within the confines of the exterior flashing. Pre-punched access slots are cut through the sides of the two flashings creating a “Door” that is opened, and closed, via the spin action allow for by its design. Retro-Spin® Flashings waterproof roof penetrations by using their closing door technology that allows for “Slip from the Side” retro-fit installations. Choose the Retro-Spin® Flashings design that is large enough for a roof penetration to pass through the open slot, enter the conical interior of the jack, and allow the flashing to rotate, or spin, closed without obstruction. Hand tools are not needed (used) when placing a Retro-Spin® Flashing around a roof penetration.

United States Patent Number - 7,770,335

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Purchase 3"  Retro-Spin Flashings
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Purchase 3" Retro-Spin Flashings

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