Click to enlargeThe Club Shaker

The Elegant Way to Serve
"On the Rocks, and "Doubles"

For decades this individual service shaker was found in St. Louis private clubs for "On the Rocks" mixed drinks. The Club Shaker allows for refreshed servings without interruption, or calling for service. The loss of these unique Club Shaker's due to breakage has made them hard to find.

We elected to correct this problem and bring this unique product back to market.

Each glass Shaker has a spun stainless steel top with a convenient threaded pouring spout. Serving a cocktail is a breeze with the screw-on cap and siphon vent hole.

"Just cover the siphon hole with a finger when shaking"

A very adequate service for one; it will serve two nicely.

Set incudes the Club Shaker etched "OURS" and service glasses "Mine" & "Yours".


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