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Baileigh has a fantastic ring roller line that consists of manual roll benders as well as motorized direct drive machines with manual control of the top roll. We offer the proper angle roll for the specific application at hand.

Besides this angle roll line we also offer powered single pinch machines with hydraulic adjustment of the top roll, as well as large capacity double pinch angle and tube roller machines.

Photo above: The R-M3 metal ring roller is perfect for any typical sheet metal shop for bending small rod up to ¼”. Metal artists, technical schools, and home shops can find hundreds of uses to keep this well built angle roll in use.

This single pinch metal ring roller can be bench or pedestal mounted. It has fine adjustment for the top roll and to power this machine there is a manual hand crank. This manual 3 roll bender is typically in stock for quick shipments

Manually Powered Ring and Angle Roll Bending Machine. 1/4" OD Maximum Capacity


Click to enlargeRoll Bender – Tube Roller - R-M10Baileigh’s R-M10 tube roller has a powerful manual drive system that has a maximum capacity of 1-1/4” (.078” wall) round tubing capacity (mild steel). It comes standard with segment rolls that allows for many different types of flat bar, some angle iron and some square to be rolled. This roll bender has optional rolls for round tube and pipe, as well as other profiles.

Manually Powered Ring and Angle Roll Bending Machine. 1" Schedule 40 Maximum Capacity

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Click to enlargeRing Roller - R-M40The R-M40 metal ring roller is perfect for rolling various sections such as hay hoops, coils of tubing, stair railing pipe and much more. Like most Baileigh ring rolls the machine is manufactured using heavy steel plate, industrial grade transmissions, variable speed inverter driven drives, and much more.

This ring roller can bend in both the horizontal and vertical positions. It comes standard with a set of segment rolls that can be used for bending flat bar, solid rod, and some square applications. Additional rolls are in stock for tubing and pipe, as well as other profiles. A solid base has a storage cabinet for tooling and other options.

Like all manual down feed single pinch ring rolls, there are lateral roll guides as standard and a scaled position indicator for top roll position repeatability. Overload protection is via a Siemens inverter drive that also allows the machine to be variable speed. Sturdy foot pedal controls determine the direction that the operator will roll the section of metal. R-M40 roll benders require 220 volts of single phase power, so they are great for any fabrication shop or job site.

220V Single Phase Ring and Angle Roll Bending Machine with Manually Adjusted Top Roll. 1-1/2" Schedule 40 Maximum Capacity

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Click to enlargeRing Roll Bender - R-M55 Baileigh’s R-M55 ring roll bender is a very robustly built and powerful pipe roller capable of bending up to 2” Schedule 40 pipe. This can be used in any fabrication shop or out in the field on job sites, considering it only requires 220 volts of single phase power to operate. It can be operated in both the vertical mode for small rolling projects, as well as in the horizontal mode for large rolling projects as there are feet on the bottom and back of the machine.

This pipe roller has a motor to direct drive gear transmission for positive transfer of power to the drive rollers. The transmission is overload protected by a variable speed inverter drive unit. The variable speed is controlled by a speed pot and becomes very handy when rolling various types and sizes of metal section. This ring roll bender comes standard with foot pedal controls, segment rolls, and lateral roll guides that are very handy when coiling is required. The top roll position is manually descended and the position is indicated on a scale for repeatable bends every time. Optional rolls can be purchased for different profiles like tubing, pipe, angle iron and much more.

Baileigh ring rollers are built to a very high quality standard using only the best components on the market. Our powered models come with heavy steel plate frame designs, heavy bases, and industrial grade transmissions with overload protection as standard. Baileigh ring rollers offer more quality for the investment and will perform decades of service. This ring roll bender is typically in stock for shipments within 72 hours or less.

220V Single Phase Ring and Angle Roll Bending Machine with Manually Adjusted Top Roll. 2" Schedule 40 Maximum Capacity

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