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Heavy Duty & Safety Storage Solutions

Founded in 1901, Lyon has grown to become the largest and leading manufacturer of top quality industrial storage and workspace products. Our primary mission is the continuing development of useful, high quality products that serve our customers' needs and provide the basis for profit and growth. The essential components that allow us to fulfill this mission are:

Good People: The involvement and teamwork of a skilled and intelligent work force are essential to the viability and efficient operation of our organization, worldwide. Good people offer the best means of building a favorable reputation and maintaining organizational vitality.

Quality Products: As the end result of applied skill, technology and effort, our products must continue to be the best available to serve the many needs of the marketplace.

Profitability: As the ultimate measure of a company's ability to meet the needs of the customer, profits are also essential for our survival and growth.

Our sights remain focused on quality first, bearing in mind that satisfied customers and ongoing improvement are the primary reason for our continued growth.


Storage  Cabinets
Safety Cans
Cantilever Racks - Pre-Engineered 72" Wide
Storage Cabinets

Safety Cans

Cantilever Racks - Pre-Engineered 72" Wide

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