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Checkpoint unique designs allows any contractor, wood worker or DIY to experience the ultimate in squaring and leveling. Checkpoint Laser Levels include the most popular and most Innovative high quality portable Laser Tool Systems ever developed.


Click to enlarge880 G3 PROFESSIONAL TORPEDO LASER LEVEL The patented 880 G3 Torpedo Laser Level is the newest generation from Checkpoint for the professional trades. It features a Class 3A more powerful laser and newly enhanced ergonomic design with a threaded front aperture which allows use of Checkpoint’s specialized lenses and other accessories. The new high powered laser beam system is accurate ¼” (.250) at 100’ and is 3-dimensionally aligned from all planes of reference…a calibration feature unique to the Checkpoint Series of professional laser levels. It also features an auto 45-degree angle at one point for quick referencing, a perpendicular tie-in centering notch, a tripod mount, 4-vial (45 min/arc) system including 45,90,30 and oversized 0 degree for easy viewing which can be referenced from any side or all three sides simultaneously for more sensitive flat surface calibration. It also offers a bullseye vial precision mounted on the top side opposite a machined bottom side surface. The new G3 series offers a V-Grove bottom to fit radius pipe/conduit work and 4 neodymium rare earth V-Grove magnets to add incredible magnetic strength to hold any metal pipe application on the run. The 880 G3 Torpedo Laser Level is CNC machined from Billet 6061 Aluminum Alloy, color buff polished and aircraft anodized with permanent laser engraving from Checkpoint’s “no compromise” design and finish standards for true pro’s in their respected trades. Colors available are Brilliant Red, Royal Blue, Black, Platinum

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Click to enlarge880 Sqaure Laser Level KitThe new 880 SQUARE is like no other tool in the marketplace. It combines the proven design of the 880 series but incorporates a patented 45 and 90 degree squaring feature that uniquely allows both “flush” and “offset” use of the adjustable squaring system. Along with the squaring system, we have added a threaded aperture, which will adapt all CHECKPOINT lenses and accessory attachments to the nose of the 880 SQUARE. It also incorporates a stronger, brighter 650nm Class III laser systems.

The 880 SQUARE standard pack-up includes:

(1) Polished 880 SQUARE body with 650nrn Class III laser system (1) Steel rule squaring system (1) Bipod for free standing target use (3) Standard AAA Batteries And a high density plastic tradesman case which accommodates lenses and added accessories

Click to enlarge3D DMS Laser Level KitThe 3D DMS from Checkpoint is a revolutionary delivery in quality, function and design. The marriage of laser technology with this level’s design package opens up an enormous new world of uses and applications never before “do-able” in such a portable package. The Checkpoint 3D DMS combines the accuracy of micro laser technology with the ease of use of a common level. Add the unique three dimensional formats of Checkpoint’s DMS and you have a revolutionary new instrument that makes alignment faster and easier than ever before.

The Dynamic Module System (DMS) patented, rotating laser system tracks parallel to the 3D body and detents at each 45 degree, rotating thru a full 200 degree range. This allows endless combinations of uses when used alone or in combination with the unique features built into the 3D system. The ability to “scribe” or move the laser through a complete aligned rotation and point of reference from the stationary 3D opens up an enormous field of creative uses and alignment tasks.

The Checkpoint 3D DMS Laser Level is powered by a Class IIIA 5mw laser that has an accuracy rating of 1/4" from 100’ and it’s only 1” x 2” x 12” in size. Other 3D Pro Features are: PLUMB BOB-Several unique racking systems allow the balanced 3D to act as a dynamic plumb bob. JACK SCREW-Used to set grades or slopes quickly or to adjust the DMS Laser Level while on an unleveled surface. BULLSEYE VIAL-Allows instant referencing and top viewing for 3D leveling and DMS Laser Tracking TRIPOD MOUNT-l/4’-20T threaded center mount fits any standard camera tripod MAGNETS-Strongest in the World!!...5 neodymium rare earth magnets secure the 3D on metal surfaces at any angle. PRECISION VIALS-Special custom glass ground vials of 15 arc minutes are each hand calibrated to the precise machined 3D body. AUTO SQUARE-Quickly set or check square of any frame/form or room by setting the “DMS” to the auto square detent SLOPE PIN SYSTEM-Quickly set an exact “per foot” slope or grade using the “Slope Pin System” STOP PLATE-Extends for instant transit use on any ledge or corner, transferring level or heights from any ledge.

TRADESMAN KIT-consists of 3D DMS Level, 3 slope pins, extra batteries, all in a protective case

PRESENTATION KIT-consists of Tradesman kit plus Protractor plate, 90 degree lens, line lens, 2-way beam splitter, lens base with additional slope pins

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