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Baileigh double pinch angle roll benders come in three different sizes from 3” up to 5.5” Schedule 40 Pipe. Each model is built to the highest standards in the industry and is perfect for roll bending pipe, tubing, angle iron, flat bar and solid stock.

Double pinch angle roll benders have the advantage of pre-bending and post-bending the stock without having to take the material out of the machine. The double pinch design has a fixed top roll and two independent bottom rolls that move up and down. The bottom rolls are on their own programmable DRO (digital readouts) that allow for control of the bottom roll positions in both directions (up and down). A double pinch roll bender simply increases production when compared to a single pinch machine. The drawback is the extra investment up front, but the positive is the ROI (return on investment) over the life of the machine.

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Click to enlargeDouble Pinch Angle Roll Machine - R-H85Baileigh’s R-H85 double pinch angle roll machine is a very powerful pipe roller capable of bending up to 3" Schedule 40 pipe and 3-3/8" x 3-3/8" x 1/4" angle iron. This machine is offered at a very attractive price considering the quality of design and construction, as well as the quality componentry that makes up this machine.

This angle bending roll comes standard with a very ruggedly built frame that is made of heavy steel plate that is electro welded for further structural strength allowing for no flex at full capacity. This angle roll machine is considered a double pinch roll bender since the top roll is fixed and the two bottom rolls are on independent hydraulic cylinders with encoders that communicate to the DRO programmers for exact positioning of each roll. This allows for pre-bending and post-bending of material that saves production time and material waste. The DRO programmers make this a repeatable angle roll machine that is very important when production runs are required.

This angle bending roll comes standard with an industrial grade transmission that drives all three rolls. A Siemens® inverter control protects the motor during startup under load and acts as an overload protection when bending at full capacity. Like all Baileigh angle rolls this comes standard with a set of segment rolls and lateral roll guides. Of course this ring roller can be positioned in the vertical mode for smaller OD’s (outside diameters) and placed on its back in the horizontal mode for larger OD’s. A movable operator pendant houses all major controls.

220 Volt Three Phase Hydraulic Double Pinch Ring and Angle Roll Bending Machine. Includes Digital Read-Out. 3" Schedule 40 Maximum Capacity

Click to enlargeMetal Ring Roller- Double Pinch - R-H120 The R-H120 double pinch metal ring roller has powerful industrial grade hydraulics that drives all the rolls on this 3 roll bender. The lateral roll guides and guide rolls on this ring roll bender are hydraulically driven to assist with coiling and twisting. Independent upward and downward positioning of the bottom rolls is determined by the programmable DRO, which allows for repeatable bends when doing production runs.

The double pinch section roll design allows for accurate pre-bending and post-bending that saves valuable production time, material, and allows for tighter rolling of the material. This ring roll bender has a heavy duty steel plate frame that is electro welded to ensure no flex when bending at full capacity. A Siemens® inverter drive makes for safe starts to the motors and also acts as a safety overload to the machine when bending at maximum capacity.

This section roll bender can be operated in the vertical and horizontal position depending on what OD and size material needs to be rolled. A movable operator control pendant houses all pertinent control buttons including the DRO programmer and foot pedals for direction of operation.

220 Volt Three Phase Hydraulic Double Pinch Ring and Angle Roll Bending Machine. Includes Digital Read-Out. 4-1/2" Schedule 40 Maximum Capacity

Click to enlargeRing Roller - Double Pinch - R-H150The R-H150 ring roller is a double pinch design that has two independent bottom rolls and one fixed top roll. The advantage of this type of section roll bender is that the operator can pre-bend and post bend the material which saves valuable production time, material, and allows for tight rolling. The bottom rolls have independent hydraulic controls tied to an encoder for the exact position which is displayed on the programmable DRO controller. The programmable DRO controller can have a preset bottom position as well as a preset top position that makes this tubing roller a repeatable bender which is a must have for larger production runs of tube, pipe, section, or angle iron.

This ring roller consists of a very heavy steel plate frame that is electro welded and tied to a heavy duty industrial grade hydraulics drive transmission that powers all three rollers. This heavy duty design has a Siemens® inverter drive to allow for soft startups of the main motor, as well as overload protection when bending at maximum capacity. The lateral roll guides and angle guide rolls are independently hydraulically driven for fine tuning when coiling. This tubing roller is capable of bending up to 6-1/4" round tubing and 4-3/4" x 4-3/4" x 1/2" angle iron, making it a very powerful section roll bender for a great price.

The R-H150 ring roller comes standard with hydraulic drive of rolls and 2 axis guides, segment rolls, and a simple to use operator pendant. The operator pendant houses all main controls of the machine and can be moved to the proper position to operate the tubing roller. This machine can operate in the vertical or horizontal position as required for the job.

220 Volt Three Phase Hydraulic Double Pinch Ring and Angle Roll Bending Machine. Includes Digital Read-Out. 5-1/2" Schedule 40 Maximum Capacity


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