Frequently Asked Questions

Why do insulated Copper Line Sets need to be waterproofed?

Because water will follow the copper line sets, often inside the insulation, and throughout the building. Damage to the interior could be several floors below and many feet horizontally from the actual leak.

What is the problem with pitch pockets?

Pitch pockets deform and catch water. The insulation wears, breaks and degrades. Seals breakdown and crack. It's impossible to seal between copper lines. Leaks are caused by movement,(both seismic and settling) vibrations which break seals, Ultra Violet light, acid rain, temperature changes and rot.

What are your Collars made out of?

They are made from E.P.D.M. Nordel Rubber. This is a superior rubber hybrid material, giving our Collars excellent U.V. Stability and Weather Ability. E.P.D.M. offers good resistance to heat, ozone and sunlight, with good flexibility at low temperatures and resistance to alkalis, acids and oxygenated solvents. E.P.D.M. withstands temperatures (minus 40 deg. F to 180 deg. F) without losing flexibility.

What do the Collars do?

They isolate and securely fasten to the copper line sets creating a "Watertight Umbrella" that waterproofs the assembly. Water following the insulated line stops on the roof, thereby keeping the water outside.

Our Collars set up a waterproof condition without locking into the roofing structure. The current method of using "pitch pockets" or "pitch boxes" does not allow line sets to move independently of the building.

Additionally the NRCA (National Roofing Contractor's Association) states in their HARK Manual in Section VIII, Page 7 the following: "Good practice dictates that curbs be placed around all penetrations. The use of so-called "pitch boxes" or "pitch pockets" around penetrations should be avoided because they pose a constant maintenance problem."

Our Collars provide the accepted solution.

Please describe the different Collars and their functions.

a)Line-Set Collar: These Collars were designed to waterproof the Line Sets used on roof mounted condenser units that are a common source of leaks.

b)Conduit Collar: It is not uncommon to find roof mounted electrical equipment with multiple conduits penetrating the roof. If these conduits are placed close together, our Collars provide the counter flashing required to successfully waterproof these "Multi-Pipe" penetrations.

c)Retrofit Collar: Waterproofs geometric shapes including equipment screen posts, angle iron supports, fence posts and other odd shaped roof penetrations.

How do your Collars withstand building movement?

Our Collars are mechanically attached to the pipes using hose clamps. The Collar is completely separate from the roof pipe jack. Therefore, during seismic activities, settling and changes in the structure of the building the Collar and jack sub-assemblies move separately and will not disconnect, break or cause leakage.

Why is it so important to have a secure waterproofing method at this particular intersection on a roof?

The necessity of a secure waterproofing method at the intersection between a roof flashing and an insulated line set is extremely important since trade responsibilities overlap at this important installation juncture.

It's difficult to pinpoint whose problem it is when a leak occurs? Is it the Roofing Contractor? The HVAC Contractor? The Engineer? The Architect? In fact it is everyone's problem. The fact is that all are sued when water enters the structure causing damage to a building's interior.

Do you have drawings and specifications?

Yes, please contact us or download our PDF files.

Who has used your products?

Major commercial and residential contractors and developers such as Avalon Bay Communities, Trammell Crow Residential, and Essex Property Trust, as well as the University of California at Irvine to name a few of the larger names.

Do you provide technical assistance and design consultation?

Yes, we do all of the above. Please feel free to contact us. We place great value on customer service.

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