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Call us for quotes on blades. Core Cut blades for walk around saws, hand saws and grinders.



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Ideal for cutting ductile iron and thin gauge metal studs Cuts much faster and safer than abrasive blades with fewer blade changes Abrasive material is adhered to the blade core allowing you to clean metal burrs and make beveled edges after the cut Available in 12" and 14" Specification: DI7

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Click to enlargePVC/DUCTILE Iron BladePVC/DUCTILE Iron Blade

Extremely fast cutting in PVC and Ductile Iron pipe

Highest quality diamond to assure the longest life

Special diamond layered technology!

Creates a smooth cutting edge due to the de-burring abrasive material adhered to the core

For use on high speed cut off saws and chop saws

Specification: PVC/DUCTILE

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